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Patties cafeteria situated on 1 Vosstaniya St. has been operating since 2008. We cook using classical Russian recipes. All of our products are made exclusively by our company. We use only natural products, we do not use food additives, colouring agents and preservatives. We use spring water for making soups and fruit drinks. Our dairy products are natural and eco-friendly.

- without meat and fish.

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In the very center of St. Petersburg at 1 Vosstaniya Street you can always find a wide range of high quality pies, sweet and hearty buns, desserts, vegetarian soups, cutlets, various pastries prepared according to traditional Russian recipes, environmentally friendly fruit drinks. We apply strict quality control procedures and guarantee that our products are always delicious, fresh and appetizing.

We have created a user-friendly intuitive ordering system to order pies, desserts, savory and sweet pastries, soups, cutlets. Now everyone can place an advance take away order for pies, pastries, as well as any of our goods and pick it up at Pirozhkovaya at 1 Vosstaniya Street. Our pies will suit ideally for any event at work or in the office. Order savory pies with chicken and mushrooms, tender trout pies, favorite classic Russian pies with cabbage and cottage cheese to make your event a great success! Also we have a special office offer with individual pies and bite-sized desserts, which will spare you worries about tableware and its washing. Treat your colleagues with freshly baked pies with various fillings or order pie delivery for any corporate party or just to enjoy.

Sweet pies with apples, cranberries or blueberries will be an excellent choice for afternoon tea with friends, get togethers and meetings. Sweet pies with cherries and cottage cheese are the favourite treats especially for children. Our pies will be perfect for a child’s birthday and tea-parties at school. And our small buns with various stuffings are ideal for plays in kindergarten. Orders can be placed over phone. We are located very conveniently, opposite to Ploshchad Vosstaniya metro station!

For any occasion or buffet-style reception, you can order our buns with various fillings that match every taste, like vegetarian buns with mashed beans, cabbage and eggs or hearty buns with meat or trout filling. Our pastry is packed in boxes with our logo "Pirozhkovaya at Vosstaniya Street" and delivered exactly on time. Samosas, bourekas, peremechs, buns with green onions, potatoes and mushrooms, or rice and eggs are perfect snacks and can be easily served at your table or at an off-site banquet.

All our pies and buns are baked and decorated only by hand, they always have thin dough and plenty of stuffing. Each bun has a unique shape, indicative of its stuffing. For example, a lemon bun has a triangular shape, a cabbage bun has a dumpling-like shape of a half-moon with a beautiful swirl, a meat bun is boat-shaped, and a bun with potatoes and mushrooms resembles an envelope with folded in corners. Any bun in Pirozhkovaya is a small masterpiece unique in shape and flavor, with a beautiful crispy crust. We can also take orders for pies with different fillings of minced meat or fried onions and other products (please specify at Pirozhkovaya). Buns from Pirozhkovaya mean a healthy diet. You can order pies and desserts as a school meal for your child, for breakfast and lunch at work, for an outing, because it is very convenient - you will not need any dishes and tableware. Our pies and buns are packed into convenient, spacious carton boxes holding up to 20 buns. You can buy our buns at Pirozhkovaya at 1 Vosstaniya Street.

You can order any quantity of puns and pies for a buffet to be delivered for your party or event, which will noticeably save you both your time and your money. We will cook special small-size buns for your buffet-styled event or any other format.

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