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Pie with carrots and egg



Wheat flour - 380 g
Egg - 1/2
Sugar - 40 g
Margarine - 20 g
Warm water - 140 g
Milk 2,5% - 60 g
Dry yeast - 4 g
Oil - 10 g
Salt - 4,5 g
Egg wash
Flour for sprinkling the table - 50 g

Raw carrots/fried carrots - 1090/710 g
Butter - 165 g
Boiled egg - 190 g
Salt - 14 g
Sugar - 120 g

Yeast dough – 650 g, filling – 950 g, egg wash -30 g, oil – 30 g

Dough is yeasty, rich and non-fermented. Heat milk for a while, then pour yeast, sugar, salt, softened margarine and egg, mix it all and add flour. Knead dough until it gets homogeneous and easily gets detached from your hands. Brush dough with oil. Leave it in a warm place so that it rises.

Grate carrots, fry in butter. Add salt and sugar. When the carrot has cooled, mix it with grated eggs.

Divide the dough in two parts (lower part of pie – 400 g, upper – 250). Roll out the first halve, put filling on it. Roll out upper part of the pie, put it on the first halve, seal, brush with egg wash. Make small cuts above. Leave the pie in a warm place for 20 min. Bake under T 160 ° for 30-40 minutes (until it gets slightly golden-brown).

Bon appétit!

The process of pie with carrots and egg making

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